Brett Curle from Communications Discount Group has been a communications advisor for Terra Nova Trading, Inc. for more than 20 years. In the ten years that I’ve been here, he and the CDG have been an invaluable resource whenever we’ve had any questions or issues with our telephone systems. We recently moved to a bigger office and we decided to upgrade our telephone system as we were working in the dark ages and still using a single answering machine for the whole office. As we looked into other companies we also asked Brett to give us his recommendation for comparison. Brett then proceeded to answer all my questions about PRI systems, fiber versus cable, and how VoIP works, while we were gathering and trying to understand quotes from other companies. Of course, after several months of research we decided to go with Brett’s recommendation. Our new phones and service work so well for our company. We will continue to use CDG services and recommend them to anyone that wants to have state of the art telephone systems.

Pilar Guillory and Andy Brissard

Account Managers, Terra Nova Trading