Brett was extremely helpful in helping us fight a battle with EarthLink. After closing out our account at the end of our three year contract with them and switching over to Comcast, we kept receiving monthly bills. We had worked with EarthLink for two months on renewal terms and were not able to come to a reasonable monthly fee. After calling EL customer service, and being told we would be credited for any undue amounts, that didn’t happen. We kept receiving monthly bills and were told because we didn’t send in a 30 day written notice we would not be credited back. But we had proof of our cancellation email and notations of the many phone calls to customer service. After numerous phone calls and promises, nothing was getting done. Brett advised us to take it a step further and report this not only to the Florida Consumer Services division but to the Federal FCC Division. After only 30 days we were granted credit for all money owed and the case was closed. We so appreciated Brett advising us to take this extra action with the State and Federal FCC departments to get this resolved. He is very helpful to his customers’ needs and is always available to take a phone call or answer an email.

Marla Cooke

Vice President, Walker Caribbean